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Rewards that capture and retain your customer’s attention while driving incremental sales.

Key DriversGamification and rewardsIncreases user spendEngaging user experienceIn platform salesReduce user churn
The Infinity Platform offers gamification designed to reward users for spending while driving a positive user experience.

The challenge

How do you capture your customer’s attention without inundating the user with marketing messaging in a saturated marketplace? Users are indifferent to the many blanket promotions that provide empty promises. The challenge is to create a trusted relationship with the user that encourages a response and return visits.

A win-win Solution

We offer a centralised platform for rewarding your users for their positive behaviours. The platform informs customers that they have an opportunity to play because they completed a qualifying action. In addition, user engagement is rewarded by a positive experience of winning regularly and relevant prizes. This positive winning experience encourages the user to spend more and earn additional opportunities to play. The platform has a proven engagement rate of 25%

Outputs include:

  • A smart sales platform

    Lets us engage with your users based on their various segments and spending types. The platform will offer personalised offers based on their previous spending and behaviour.
  • Drive incremental revenue

    The Infinity Platform is an ideal storefront for promotional offers, your best sellers or new products. In addition, the system offers the ability to provide discounted offers as rewards.
  • User segmentation

    The system can target specific groups of users for certain rewards. For example, reward your most valuable user or re-energise dormant users.
  • Realtime engagement

    We provide real-time awarding and notification of play opportunities and instant awarding of prizes.
  • Budget driven

    The system gives away rewards based on a predetermined budget. In addition, the Infinity Platform will carefully pace and manage the awarding throughout the lifespan of the promotion, taking into account traffic patterns and spikes.
  • Reduce customer churn

    Engaged customers are less likely to churn.

What is the Infinity platform?

The infinity platform is a tried and tested suite of core services that facilitates gamification and rewards. We provide multiple white-labelled channels out of the box, which includes different gaming types. These core services integrate with your systems for a real-time user experience.

The platform offers customisable themes to match your latest marketing messaging. In addition, the solution provides granular business reporting to measure all targets and budgets to ensure a maximised ROI. The platform manages customer contact & retention messaging to drive engagement.

R313 Million

R313 Million

Total revenue through promotional engagement to the platform.

R269 Million

R269 Million

Revenue by way of discounted bundle sales through the platform.

R46 Million

R46 Million

Additional revenue from personalized product offers