About us.

Company|About us

We are a forward-thinking, progressive technology company with over 20 years of experience in mobile and digital monetisation in the B2C and B2B sectors.

Our humble beginnings

Founded in 2002, ViaMedia has worked its way to become recognised as a leading mobile services provider in South Africa. We have won multiple awards over the years from the major mobile networks as one of the top WASPS in the country.

Our Platforms

ViaMedia has successfully developed and deployed mobile-grade carrier platforms and digital technologies & services into multiple network operators & retail segments in South Africa and Africa.

We have designed our smart sales platforms to drive incremental revenue on core product offerings to maintain customer retention. Our Platform uses gamification & rewards to increase customer loyalty and engagement.

We aim to expand our robust and proven technical stack into various market segments and international territories. Our products and platforms are market-ready, which means they can work for you within the shortest time frame.

One of South Africa’s most prominent players in the mobile space

We have considerable expertise and are forward-thinking in maximising our marketing spend and reach. In doing so, we ensure an effective cost per acquisition, optimising billing success ratios and efficiencies in our approach. Our success formula ensures that we bring a positive return on investment for your bottom line!

Affiliations & Milestones

  • We reach Exceptional Engagement rates

    We are proud to affirm that our technology platforms have reached a consistent 20 - 25% engagement rate over the past five years!
  • Our audience reach

    ViaMedia engages with over 8 million unique users per month.
  • Top Awards

    We have won the Top Performer award with MTN, Vodacom, and Cell C for many years in a row.
  • Top Clients

    We are recognised as a critical supplier and run our platforms and content services in partnership with the four major networks in South Africa.

Our Awards

  • MTN

    • Top Event billing WASP 2006 Award
    • Top USSD WASP 2006 Award
    • Top Event billing WASP 2006 Award
    • Top USSD WASP 2006 Award
    • Top WASP 2007 Award
    • Top Event Billing WASP 2007 Award
    • Top WASP 2008 Award
    • Top Event Billing WASP 2008 Award
    • Top WASP 2009 Award
    • Top Event Billing WASP 2009 Award
    • Top WASP 2010 Award
    • Top Event Billing WASP 2010 Award
    • MTN Gamification & Rewards Platform driving all MTN mid-year and Summer campaigns 2017 - 2021

    • Top WASP award 2006
    • Top Revenue Performer WASP 2007 Award
    • Top Revenue Performer WASP 2008 Award
    • Top Revenue Performer WASP 2009 Award
    • Top Revenue Performer WASP 2010 Award
  • CellC

    • Silver Winner 2008 Award
    • Top Performer 2009 Award
    • Top Performer 2010 Award
    • Cell C Gamification & Rewards Platform driving all Cell C mid-year and Summer campaigns 2020 - 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility

ViaMedia realise that we owe our success to the people of South Africa, our clients, and their customers. In this country of great contrasts and beauty, we recognise a great deal of need from both people and nature. Therefore, while we make donations to organisations, we prefer to help with our expertise and offer our time, technology, and skill regularly:

2005 - 2007ViaMedia provided mobile services and collected funds for the Comrades Marathon Association to support their official charities.
2008The ViaMedia staff contributed blankets and food for people displaced by Xenophobic attacks.
2008 - presentViaMedia provided mobile services and collected funds for Endangered Wild Life Trust.
2010 - presentViaMedia has provided mobile services, collected funds, and distribution of information for The Rock Girl initiative campaign. The campaign aims to create “safe spaces” and awareness of the plight of women and girls in our communities.
2018 - presentViaMedia has provided training and education funds contributions for young, innovative BEE upcoming youth candidates.