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Efficient. Relevant. Exciting rewards for your customers.

Key DriversComplete end-to-end experience.We do the procurement.Instant redemption.Simplified user journey.
Equinox Platform offers a turn-key rewards solution designed with a User-focused journey in mind to ensure a happy customer experience.

The Challenge

To manage the entire lifecycle of giving rewards to your customers, from procurement to redemption and customer service. Where do you start? Poorly managed processes have the potential to do more damage than good. An unhappy customer tends to be vocal.

The Happy Customer

A simplified user-centric process that assists and reminds the customer to claim the rewards. Using the latest tools to communicate effectively in a sensible approach. A thrilled customer is a loyal customer.

Key benefits include:

  • Sponsored prizes

    Equinox Platform signs up brand partners to bring rewards to your customers - get free holidays, clothing, furniture, grocery vouchers and more!
  • Inventory Management

    Equinox Platform will waste no reward. Equinox Platform has a prize budget management process to ensure that any unclaimed rewards are recycled into the system to maximise the budget.
  • Instant Gratification

    A simplified wallet, chatbot assisting the user with any questions, or help with claiming prizes. A complex redemption process is simplified.
  • API Integration

    Our simple Equinox Platform API allows your customers to access their rewards within your digital channels.
  • Drives Engagement

    Award customers relevant gifts that are straightforward to redeem. They tend to return for more!
  • Loyalty Integration

    Equinox Platform supports the transactional purchase of rewards using loyalty points. The platform manages store inventory.

Value added

Equinox has partnerships with big brands and offers you the easy procurement of sponsorship and free prizes to boost your prize rewards programme.

Better yet, let’s see what offers we can take in your business and turn them into value-added discounted offers to form part of your inventory so that we can ensure your prize pool becomes self-funding!